Level 2 help desk
Willo is at the complete disposal of its customers also with a Level 2 help desk service. It is a highly qualified technical assistance, that can solve out even the most technical and apparently difficult problems.

Provider Report Management for multi-site businesses
Multi-site businesses have a series of very specific and often more complex requirements than those of small and medium-sized companies with a single headquarters. Even if the locations are geographically distant, the sharing of data and information is essential for the good evolution of any business. Our aim is to facilitate the communication between the various offices, the integration of new offices, the centralization, as well as the distribution of specific services. Willo supports also its multi-site business customers in achieving all these objectives without experiencing any technical difficulties.

System Administrator
Willo also offers the system administrator service, which means that it acts as a manager and maintainer of the good performance of the system that is the basis of your business. In addition to the management of the connectivity system that you will choose, Willo will also be responsible for the managing and maintaining of all the systems related to the authentication and authorization of credentials, your databases, all security measures such as back ups, firewall and antivirus installation and much more. In short, from the ordinary maintenance of the computer system to the total protection of your serenity.

Consultancy for Special Projects
Willo offers you a team of experts specialized in consulting for special projects related to your business. These projects are designed and tailor-made for business customers. Our consultancy will start from an accurate analysis of your specific needs. We will then design and project your specific project, and in the end we will realize and set it up involving, if necessary, other professionals (ERP suppliers, web agency or other).

Certification of the functionality of RJ45 / fibre optic cabling for existing networks
Willo is also a professional certifier of RJ45 cabling of fibre optic networks for existing networks. The certification of a wiring, whether in copper or fibre optic, is always a very important and very delicate process. The certification process must follow precise international standards and precise technical steps at the same time. In this way, the customer will not have to deal with breakdowns due to a discrepancy between what is declared and the actual performance of their network.

Electromagnetic field pollution measurement through the installation of an environmental control unit
Willo offers its customers many electromagnetic pollution monitoring systems. Among them, we mention for instance the installation of a control unit to monitor electromagnetic pollution and therefore the “healthcare” of the surrounding environment.

Every need will becomes a concrete reality, able to lead you and anyone else in the immense world of the world wide web in complete comfort