Domestic users
The connectivity services for the domestic clients meet all the main needs of having the fastest and most efficient service as possible. The private user who wants to download audio or video content, watch a movie in streaming or play online, naturally requires a service characterized by a low and constant latency.
These days the domestic users are more and more connected, just like the business ones are. As a consequence, their aim is that of having the possibility of enjoying a perfect high-performance connectivity. A connectivity that must be able to support the downloading of videos and movies, for instance, also the management of the latest generation of home automation systems.
Among the services that Willo offers to private customers are the ADSL service, or a broadband connection throughout the home of the customer, with a maximum band that can be set according to the customer’s needs.

Wireless solutions

Every need will becomes a concrete reality, able to lead you and anyone else in the immense world of the world wide web in complete comfort