Willo Basic 10 M
The ADSL service that Willo offers its private customers is perfect to support the many actions that take place everyday in any house all around the world: watching television on demand or in streaming, using personal computers for browsing the Internet, downloading and sending e-mails, or managing particularly advanced home automation systems, such as alarm programming, opening or closing of roller shutters, switching on or off heating systems and much more. Taking into consideration all these needs, Willo proposes a good solution called Basic 10 M. Below are its features:

  • 10-1 Mbps MCR 256Kbps Speed
  • price: UT = 149,00 € i.i. – Fee = 22,90 € i.i.


Activation € 100.00 (including VAT) instead of € 149.00 for wireless operator change.
The promotion is considered valid if the cable is suitable after the instrumental test.
Promotion active until 31 October 2019

Every need will becomes a concrete reality, able to lead you and anyone else in the immense world of the world wide web in complete comfort