One of the main concerns of Willo, beside taking care of the good performance and efficiency of its customers’ connectivity systems, is also the safeguarding of its data.
That’s why among our services you will find a series of operations regarding the safeguard and the back up of data. We can install and configure a specific system designed to increase the reliability of your systems and also to switch automatically
from the main channel to the secondary channel without interruption and without the intervention of an operator in case of emergency.
This service offers 2 advantages:

1. allow data to be safeguarded
2. allow the service to proceed effectively without interruption

VPN is the acronym of Virtual Private Network. It is a system that allows the user to protect completely and legally their privacy and their identity. The system allows you to hide of your IP address and to navigate easily, protecting both incoming and outgoing traffic.
Technically, this operation takes place thanks to a so-called “tunneling” system, which is a method that allows you to make your data invulnerable through specific encryption protocols.
If your need is to create a Virtual Private Network, or a Private Virtual Network, Willo will take care to offer you the protocol that best suits your needs, as well as the installation and configuration for you.
One example is: do you have some employees who need to work from home in total safety? A VPN system is the best choice!

One of the most important requirement of our business client can be that of protecting the access to their highly confidential data. For this purpose, our specialists are at your disposal to define the best solution, starting from content filtering to more advanced technical solutions, which include the installation and configuration of a Firewall device, but even more. Another proposal can be that of setting up a platform that allows you to manage the entire protection system through a single command center for endpoints, mobile devices, servers, web, e-mail, wireless, encryption and firewalls.

The VOIP services for companies allow you to carry out any type of business by combining fast and efficient connectivity with the possibility of making cheap calls in every corner of the world without problems. Additionally: the VOIP services for companies allow you to organize different conference calls with other colleagues scattered in other locations even abroad without affecting landline call quality.

Thanks to a series of efficient IT systems and a highly qualified technical department, Willo is able to offer a remote monitoring service designed to control any type of device. Monitoring will include:

  • check for periodic antivirus scans
  • backup status notifications
  • healthcare check up of hardware and software
  • email notifications
  • network performance monitoring
  • mobile device monitoring
Every need will becomes a concrete reality, able to lead you and anyone else in the immense world of the world wide web in complete comfort