Willo supports any form of business – small, medium or large – with reliable, speed and stable wireless services. We know that your success and the good running of your business can depend on an ultra-wide and fast band so here we are.
Here are the features of the wireless services that Willo offers to business customers:

  • stable and constant connectivity
  • high speed
  • high bandwidth guarantee
  • customized technical assistance
  • backup line

Specifically, here is a summary of Willo’s offer for wireless connectivity for business customers:

  • WilloPRO-10M maximum speed 10/1Mbps MCR 1/1Mbps
  • WilloPRO-20M maximum speed 20/2Mbps MCR 2/1Mbps
  • WilloPRO-30M maximum speed 30/3Mbps MCR 2/1Mbps
  • WilloPRO-50M maximum speed 50/5Mbps MCR 2/1Mbps
ProfileDescriptionSpeed [Mbps]MCR [Mbps]Activation [€]Fee [€/month]VAT
Willo PRO-10MFlat internet connection10M – 1M1M – 0.5M122,95 €34,90 €excluded
Willo PRO-20MFlat internet connection20M – 2M2M – 1M122,95 €59,90 €excluded
Willo PRO-30MFlat internet connection30M – 3M2M – 1M199,00 €119,00 €excluded
Willo PRO-50MFlat internet connection50M – 5M2M – 1M199,00 €189,00 €excluded

Connectivity to the Internet in satellite mode is a good compromise between an ADSL solution, better suited for domestic/private use, and optical fibre. The satellite is a good solution for business customers due to its high navigation speed. In the case of a business client, Willo will take care of performing the appropriate configurations so as to guarantee a stable, highly efficient and competitively priced service. The features of the Satellite internet service are:

  • guaranteed minimum speed
  • guaranteed minimum download and upload speed
  • traffic volumes can be modulated based on customer needs

Our after sales service is always at your disposal. Willo will assess the degree of coverage of the service in your area and offer you the solution that best suits your business needs, also based on the number of people (employees) who need to connect in a stable and fast way at the same time. No worries!

Every need will becomes a concrete reality, able to lead you and anyone else in the immense world of the world wide web in complete comfort