Design and implementation of TLC networks
Willo can offer its customers the projecting and setting up of telecommunications networks. The service is “all inclusive” and includes the laying of cables, whether they are made of copper or fibre optic. The service also includes network testing. Our technical team is constantly updated about the current standards for the realization of the networks and about the specific requirements for the correct realization of any networks. A know-how that builds up, year after year and that allows us to offer our customers a high quality service always with an excellent performance.

Cat.6A-cat.7 RJ11 / RJ45 wiring; optical fibre MM-SM-Gpon
Willo is available for the installation of integrated fibre optic networks, a latest generation material that differs from copper both for its peculiar characteristics and for its performance. The wiring of the optical fibre can take place together with a coexisting electrical network because, not being a conductive material, it does not interfere with it. The result is the ability to transport large amounts of data without any kind of dispersion.

Design and implementation of Wi-Fi networks
Willo is your partner for the design and implementation of Wi-Fi networks. A service that does not only include the simple installation of the network, but also starts from the analysis of the physical site where you intend to install the Wi-Fi network and of its specific features. In addition to the analysis of the building, other factors will be examined, from the number of users that will have to access the service, to the data that will give us the information about how many access points you will need. And what’s more, it will be necessary to perform a specific wiring, if possible certified. The installation will then be followed by a series of analysis to evaluate and to verify the level of coverage reached. It could also be necessary to do a calibration of the wi-fi network. Other services that we include are: the activation of tools for the control of traffic, the switching on and off, the control of any unwanted accesses.

Design and implementation of peripheral and urban video surveillance systems
Willo is also available for municipal administrations with regard to the design and construction of peripheral and urban video surveillance systems aimed at collective security. The efficient, versatile and digital technologies related to connectivity we offer for private and business clients can be really useful for the public sector too.
For instance, and as far as video surveillance is concerned, Willo can offer a complete service starting from the study of the specific site, leading to the identification of the best areas for Hot Spot installations, the determination of the precise place where to install the cameras, the verification of coverage radio and of the good performance of the whole service, thanks to on-site tests and, in the end final possible technical improvements.

Design and implementation of alarm systems
Willo supports you efficiently and precisely in protecting your properties and above all your loved ones and your family. Thanks to the existing technologies, it is possible to equip one’s own homes and offices with intrusion detection systems and wireless video surveillance. Good to know: with the same system it is possible to control different sites, receive a telephone call or sms alert if necessary, for instance in case of breakdowns or unwanted intrusions. Wireless systems also make it possible to avoid the use of electrical networks. Thanks to a simple radio wave signal, the customer is able to get an excellent level of security absolutely comparable to that offered by traditional alarm systems with, in addition, interesting possibilities for customization, management and remote control, thanks to a simple smartphone.

Design and construction of electrical systems
Willo is at your disposal for the design and construction of electrical systems, whether domestic or business, on both existing buildings and new buildings. Every single case requires a careful inspection and a careful planning, which takes into account the specific characteristics of the building, the orientation of its different rooms, and, last but not least, the customers’ needs. In addition to the comforts of a traditional electrical grid, you can add many automation systems that will make your everyday life even more simple and comfortable. Protecting one’s buildings (whether industrial warehouses, offices or private homes), opening and closing shutters, activating heating systems or even recording a program on TV are actions that belong to the field of the so-called home automation. A long list of daily comforts that you will love.

Design and implementation of data centers
These days any business activity, even the smallest, needs a modern, efficient and comfortable data management system. Why? Because data is the real treasure of any company. Willo supports you in the design and implementation of Data Processing Centers, designed to co-ordinate and manage corporate information in line with the business purpose and mission.
The development of a CED will include the preparation of IT equipment, the installation of operating systems, the management of servers, local network, the set up of e-mails but also of printers and faxes. Last but not least, a major role in this sense is played by the activities related to data archiving, analysis and back up.

Every need will becomes a concrete reality, able to lead you and anyone else in the immense world of the world wide web in complete comfort